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ALVA Pictures

A production company with locations in Los Angeles and New York City, ALVA Pictures was formed to share human experiences. Throughout time, people have gathered together over fires or at ceremonies to tell their stories.

But in our world, we’ve lost that tradition. We’re more connected than ever, but ironically more apart and alone. Our interactions with more people are less meaningful, prosaic, and ponderous. If culture is the transmission of human knowledge from generation to generation, it’s our job to question whether we’re transmitting in ways that enable new growth and inspiration.

At ALVA, we believe that the cinematic experience has taken over the role of our story-tellers. It’s through cinema that we attain our vicarious experiences and hopefully learn from the plight or success of others.

ALVA Pictures is an homage to Thomas Alva Edison – who, through invention, changed our world and initiated the experience of media as we know it. We’re passionate about bringing that heritage to life… to get back to raw, gripping stories that will mold and impact others on a personal level.

As Thomas A. Edison said A good idea is never lost.

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ALVA Productions

As an independent film production company, ALVA PICTURES has both acquired and developed in-house expertise in all aspects of media production.

A division of Alva Pictures, ALVA PRODUCTIONS often serves fellow creative professionals in their post-production needs.

We are experts in the fields of audio engineering, as well as, film editing.

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