Mardern Marvels – Locomotives

Locomotives have powered the expansion of many countries beginning in the 19th Century. Electric, Diesel, Steam all have their own unique characteristics and sound imprint. It’s steel on steel as the wheels turn and huge payloads, precious cargo, and people are moved across the land.
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Idiot Box

David Armstrong’s post-divorce satire fuses video and animation in a hurly-burly world where three friends go on raucous adventures. Learn More

Deadliest Warrior

The producers of Deadliest Warrior requested hyper-real sounds for each weapon in an effort to dramaticize the damage the weapon would do. Ancient warriors from different cultures and time periods are pitted against each other in computer simulated battle. Weapons are also tested on ballistic grade molds to ascertain the impact of weapons from the past. Learn More

The Haunting: Don’t Think About It

Horror is sound. If you’ve ever watched a horror film without any sound, you’ll quickly realize how integral sound is to creating the suspense and terror that makes a horror film a reality. This particular monster has two heads…! Learn More

Patton 360

Just mention the name Patton, and you’ll conjure up images of George C. Scott’s portrayal of the charismatic and controversial WWII general. The battles fought and won by Patton were epic. This project was an opportunity to pay tribute to the honor and bravery of the men that fought against the Nazis and gave the world its freedom from the tyranny of evil. Learn More

Life After People

Life After People was a true labor of love for our Chief Sound Engineer, Corey Morgan, and it shows with his nomination for an Emmy Award. This program premiered as a two-hour special on January 21, 2008 on the History Channel. Learn More