Alva Productions™

At ALVA Pictures, we specialize in creative sound design for television shows, as well as short and feature length films. We offer dialog and voiceover editing or automated dialog replacement. From Foley to sound FX design to the mix, we can handle all of your post-production audio needs.


Creating sound FX from scratch. From footsteps and human sounds to anything you can imagine.

Audio Restoration

Filtering the project through a series of noise reduction and graphic EQ plug–ins over a region of digital audio to bring out and enhance the content so that it’s as clear as possible.

Sound Design

Implementing a vast sound FX library to create a more lifelike or hyper–real soundscape to draw the viewer into the world that has been created by the project.

Music Editing

Placement and beat matching so that the music is synchronous to the project. Proper editing will ensure that the musical hits happen at just the right time so as to enhance the desired emotion of the project as much as possible.


This is the last step in the process. Blending all of the Foley, sound design, dialog, and music together to make one cohesive final product.