‘Remorse’, a beleaguered man is haunted with thoughts of his past. Download Poster Art


When a man reviews a serious event with his therapist, he has powerful recollections of the event, which begs the question – did he do the right thing?


Anthony Auer
Therapist & Medical Doctor

Beth Moline
Mary Jo

Devin Ordoyne

Victoria Goldberg
Boiler Room Girl #1

Mikesh Marie
Boiler Room Girl #2


Pericles J Lantz
Executive Producer

Ryan W. Anderson

Pericles J. Lantz

Edward Harris

Matt Wise
Director Of Photography

Logan Smith
Assistant Cameraman

Corey Morgan
Sound Editor

Patrick Dunnagan

Edward Harris
Video Editor

Victoria Goldberg
Make-up Artist


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REMORSE was the directorial debut for Director Ryan W. Anderson. It was also the debut for Writer & Producer, Pericles John Lantz.

REMORSE was written by Pericles over a 3 day period while on vacation with his family in Lake George, New York. Only one minor revision of the script was needed.

REMORSE was shot at RED STUDIOS in Hollywood, California. The nighttime outdoor scene was shot in one of the canals of Venice, CA.

The car in the film, is a 1960 Mercedes 180d, which was restored by Director Ryan Anderson. The car was not running at the time of filming, and was towed to the set.

The ashtray in the therapy scene belongs to Filmmaker and Founder of the well known, Hydraulx Visual Effects company, Greg Strause who lent us the prop for the film.

Victoria Goldberg, Boiler Room Girl #1, was also the make-up artist for the film.