Universal Babe


George Herman Ruth, known as ‘Babe’ Ruth, was born in 1895. He played in major league baseball from 1914-1935 and was the singular sports figure of his era.

“That ‘Babe’ Ruth, was an icon is not news. However, what this film does do is to open up the context of the world that Babe Ruth lived in. The landscape of the times was much different, and the equality amongst different peoples was just not there. Babe really was a lightning rod – he channeled interconnectivity between disparate groups and grounded this through his genuine and sincere and loving nature. I am excited that we can share this new perspective with the world.”
– Pericles J. Lantz,
Founder and Chairman of Alva Pictures

Alva Pictures, in conjunction with, Urban Aggregate is pleased to announce the release of a new historical documentary, Universal Babe, which explores the life of ‘Babe’ Ruth both on and off the field.

Dana Keller - Babe Ruth

Color by Dana Keller – www.danarkeller.com

Universal Babe brings to light humanitarian aspects of the famed baseball player’s life that are often under-recognized, such as his protest of the Nazi persecution of the Jewish people during World War II, contribution to the Harlem community, and a warm and amicable relationship with the ‘Negro leagues’. Ruth’s numerous acts of charity and support of people of various colors, creeds and religious backgrounds significantly shaped the culture of baseball and race relations in America.

Award-winning filmmakers, Byron Hunter and Edward Harris II utilize the expertise of authors and historians, current and former baseball stars, and family members to share never-before-heard stories about Babe Ruth in this groundbreaking work.

Universal Babe features interviews with Linda Ruth Tosetti, Babe Ruth’s granddaughter.


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