Pericles John Lantz

Founder & Chairman
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A New York City native, Pericles grew up with cultural and social awareness and enjoys delving into the places where art and science intersect – and has a particular passion for the complexities of neuroplasticity (the changing brain).

"If people are to grow and evolve they must be stimulated in many different ways, with many new experiences." He realized the importance of film when illness struck his father and cinema became the means by which he could help him travel and gain new experiences.

He made a decision to form ALVA Pictures when he visited Thomas A. Edison’s museum and saw a deity in the library that glorified the vinyl record. He knew immediately that because media has changed so much, story telling has as well. ALVA Pictures was formed with the mission of telling basic, primal, stories that pertain to the human condition.

Pericles is a member of The Producers Guild of America.